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Buy a piece of the Internet in Latam.


Wayru is the Internet Service Provider with distributed ownership for the urban developing world. A small investment will get you a piece of the Internet in emerging countries. Our Network will provide reliable, fast and affordable Internet access to homes, businesses and people, by the people.

The Telecommunications industry in emerging markets is run by just a handful of companies giving little to no choices in access, price and quality. We want to begin by getting Wayru up and running in Ecuador, a small beautiful country in which we can make a difference.

An Internet coverage grid is set up in a specific city, where anyone can buy a region and earn royalties from subscribers on that specific region on the grid with a 5 year renewable agreement. Every 5 years you renew (pay again the rights of the space), or the owner changes. 


If by then owners do not renew agreement, a new buyer can purchase that open region. This way we make sure that the network is never owned by a single person or entity. It is financed by the people and it is built from scratch. By doing this we can bring reliable Internet access to places like Latam, Africa and Asia.


The grid is an invisible blanket of Internet coverage over a specific area which is divided in regions called AirBlocks. Anyone can buy a AirBlock an earn royalties with a 5 year renewable agreement. Grid owners get 20% revenue from Internet services sold on their AirBlock. Earnings will be balanced across the network and will be paid quarterly or yearly to AirBlock owners.


Legacy Internet providers still fail to deliver reliable and affordable access in Latam in 2021. So, we decided to create a new grid built to scale globally and designed for future generations. Wayru is born.

Can it be done? Local and global market research and business model defined. The team is formed with key people in business, marketing, telecom and software engineering to make this possible.

IDEA | JAN 2021

R&D + TEAM | FEB - ABR 2021

AirBlocks on the grid become available for purchase so people from anywhere in the world can buy a piece of the Internet. We expect to raise funds needed in no more than 6 months.

RAISE | APR - OCT 2021

Network setup will take 3 months until ready to serve subscribers. While deployment is in progress, heavy marketing campaigns in traditional and in digital channels will help acquire early customers.

SETUP | OCT - DEC 2021

Wayru will publicly launch in early 2022. Customers will get services provided by regions as network is being deployed. Revenue to AirBlock owners will be paid out in a quarterly basis as AirBlocks are ready.



Luis Loaiza, CTO @ Shippify.

"I believe in the Technocracy of the 21st century by decentralizing all services that help humans thrive and achieve freedom. This is why I am backing the Wayru initiative."

Orlando Espinoza, YC Alumni.

"When I heard of Wayru, I was quite excited as I believe that every part of the world will have Internet at some point. This makes us get to that future faster."

Let’s build the future of the Internet together.